7. Masha Kirilenko (wife of Andrei Kirilenko)

Masha Kirilenko is the exact opposite of controlling basketball wives who restrict what their husbands can or cannot do when they’re gone at away games. She’s notorious for giving her husband one free ‘cheat’ card a year to do what – and who – he wants with. The blonde bombshell has been in the public eye for awhile, as she’s a pop superstar in her native country of Russia.

6. Savannah Brinson (wife of LeBron James)

Savannah and LeBron are basically the golden couple of basketball. His meteoric rise to fame means girls are throwing themselves at him in every city he travels to, but he remains dedicated to his high school sweetheart Savannah. The couple, who have two kids together, eventually tied the knot and are going stronger than ever.


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