19. Yvette Prieto (wife of Michael Jordan)

There’s this retired NBA player named Michael Jordan, you may have heard of him. When a sports superstar of that caliber gets hitched, everyone is eager to know who the woman on his arm is. So, who is Yvette Prieto? She claims her career is as a model, but she isn’t really a magazine cover staple. At any rate, since dating Jordan she can definitely call herself a hot WAG. She is Jordan’s second wife, coming after his ex-wife Juanita, who was with him over 17 years.

18. Chelsea Kilgore Redick (wife of J.J. Redick)

Redick and his wife Chelsea dated for quite awhile before getting married in 2010, and the couple are still going strong. When she’s not doing her WAG duties, Chelsea makes her living as a pilates instructor. She’s also very involved in the J.J. Redick Foundation, which she helps her hubby run.


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