2. Kobe Bryant

Where do you even start when it comes to the reasons why so many people hate Kobe Bryant? He gave himself his own nickname, for starters. He has missed plenty of late shots when there were people wide open, he has talked trash about his own teammates and management, refused to take any less money to make his team relevant, he flops, he never passes, his ego is the size of Idaho, the list goes on. Ever since injuries started to take their toll on Bryant, people feel bad for him more often than they hate him, but there are still plenty of people that would have him ranked number one on the most hated list.

1. LeBron James

Before you even opened this list, you had to have known that LeBron James would be on the top. People have been crucifying LeBron since he was 16 years old and basketball writers were hailing him as the next Michael Jordan. Ever since then, everything LeBron does is compared to Jordan, and those that grew up rooting for the 1990s Bulls absolutely hate LeBron. If he misses a game winner, it’s the top headline. If he loses a championship series, it’s the top headline. If he says that he’s the best basketball player in the world, it’s the top headline. LeBron is a smart businessman, seems to be a nice guy and is a dominant athlete. Still, nothing he does will ever be good enough, and he earned a lot of enemies with “The Decision” that took him to Miami for four seasons.

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