4. Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony, when healthy, is always toward the top of the scoring list, but yet most people wouldn’t put him in the upper echelon of NBA players. The big argument against Carmelo is that he takes way too many shots and tries to take over the Knicks by doing so. Anthony gets blasted for his lack of effort on defense, seemingly only wanting to fill the stat sheet so he can get paid more money when he asks for it. Some Knicks fans will say that he acts like a martyr who is trying to save the team when he’s the one that got them in their current mess, in the first place.

3.Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard was a young and exciting talent when he was drafted first overall by the Orlando Magic, but has no championship rings and a few different roster moves to show for it. Howard gets ripped on for not seeming to have the champion spirit that it takes to make it to the mountaintop, saying that he’s too soft to be considered among the greatest centers of all time. The sky was the limit for Howard, but fans look at him as the guy who would rather avoid contact and collect a big paycheck. The Rockets got deep into the playoffs this year behind Howard and James Harden, but Harden is easily the more popular of the two.


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