8. Blake Griffin

If you do a poll of the fans of the NBA, there is a decent chunk that dislike the Clippers forward, but the people that really hate Griffin are some of the other players around the league. Trash talking is one of the big reasons that players dislike going against Griffin, and his hard fouls that he has committed are another big part. Griffin also makes a habit out of pleading with officials for fouls when he thinks that he has been done wrong, and going out of his way to dunk over players is seen by some as ‘bush league’.

7. Dwyane Wade

It’s true that Dwyane Wade has won three championships with the Miami Heat, but a lot of people think he is overrated because he won those titles with Shaquille O’Neal and two with LeBron James. Whiny and cocky are two words that come up often when talking about Dwyane Wade, and it really rubs people the wrong way that he has tried to give himself ‘cool’ nicknames like “Flash”. Wade had a chance to take big money and be the star of a team in Miami (or somewhere else), but took less money to get himself another title with LeBron. This has caused people to say that Wade is a sidekick who acts like a superstar.


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