Top 20 Most Hated NBA Players

Of course you enjoy watching the NBA, it’s a great sport. But there are those players that, whenever they pop up on the screen, you either want to change your channel or put your fist through the television set. Sometimes it can be hard to explain why you hate an athlete so much, but you have your reasons. The NBA has no shortage of people that get hated on constantly, and a lot of that has to do with exposure.

20. Stephen Curry

It seems like where there’s success, hatred/resentment isn’t too far behind. It’s always easy to hate on the guy that just won the MVP award and the NBA Finals. While nobody really hated Curry before the season started, it only comes with the territory when you reach the spotlight. Some fans say that he’s not a real basketball player, simply a JJ Redick clone who can only hit three pointers. Others think that his nickname is stupid (the Babyface Assassin) while others just don’t want to see his daughter in a news conference ever again. This hate is fresh and will only get worse if the Warriors win another title next season.

19. J.R. Smith

J.R. Smith was selected in the first round out of high school in the 2004 NBA Draft by the New Orleans Hornets, and not too many people knew who he was. During the lockout, J.R. Smith played in China, and came back to the NBA, where he signed with the Knicks for $2.4 million. Expectations were high for Smith when he received the Sixth Man of the Year Award in 2013, but he sure had a lot of problems that went along with it. During that season (and the next one), Smith was suspended for elbowing, violating the drug program, and untying opponents’ shoelaces. He ended up as another overpaid under-performer for the Knicks, and was shipped to the Cavaliers where he came up short in the playoffs. Cleveland fans may be hating on him too now after his abysmal performance in this year’s finals.


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