23. Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith (wife of Kenny Smith)

Osborne-Smith has been married to former NBA player Kenny Smith for nearly 10 years. Originally born in the United Kingdom, she’s made a home in the United States. Her occupation is that of many WAGs – model, etc. She’s been in several films, such as Jack and Jill and Snow Dogs, and is a regular on The Price is Right, showcasing expensive goods in style. The aspiring singer also apparently has an album in the works. Now a mother of five, she’s still happily married to Smith. You’ll be able to see them in Kenny Smith and Family, a reality show that will debut on TBS, which will follow them and their children.

22. La La Vasquez Anthony (wife of Carmelo Anthony)

Everyone knows Carmelo Anthony is a skilled basketball player, but his wife Alani “La La” Anthony is equally talented in other fields. She got her start in the radio industry at 16 and her personality and on-air talent led her to snag a series of gigs, including her own show on several prominent stations. She was a MTV VJ on Total Request Live, the early 2000s phenomenon, and has had several acting roles. The couple was engaged in 2004 and married in 2010 in a ceremony filmed as part of the reality television series La La’s Full Court Wedding.


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